Your occupation isn’t normal, so why should your fitness routine be?

Our Occupational Athlete Program was born of our experience in the field. Our professions put the highest of demands on our bodies, and we believe that being Fit For Duty is our personal responsibility, not only to our crews, but to the Communities that we serve.

It is our mission to reduce Line of Duty injuries and deaths by providing programming designed specifically for the high physical demands of Military, Police, Fire and EMS personnel.

Physical Fitness Test . Line of Duty . Retirement. We have what’s right for you.

We offer a unique remote coaching service that includes many of the benefits of our onsite membership, such as:


If you live within traveling distance of our private gym you will be encouraged to make the journey to us to complete an on site assessment with your own dedicated OPEX Trainer. If you don’t live close by your assessment will be completed as part of your initial program.


Your personal program is delivered to you. No templates, completely custom-tailored based on your goals, the assessment process and taking the demands of your profession in to account. This is all delivered via our online platform True Coach, which enables easy communication between you and your Trainer.


As a remote coaching client you will get 30 minutes of face time (via video conferencing) with your trainer every month. This ensures that your progress continues and allows you to have intentional conversations as your goals evolve.


We start slowly, to truly identify what your body needs and how it works. This is an important part of helping you achieve your goals.


As well as nutrition we will look at things like sleep, energy levels and stress and figure out how we can optimize everything so that you can reach your true potential both inside and outside of the gym.